Industrial Cleaning – Case Study

Orchidwood Case Study

A 20% Increase in Productivity as a Result of Employing Commercial Cleaners

In 2011, Calendar Cleaning were awarded the contract to clean the processing plant for Orchidwood, the UK’s only specialist processor of mushrooms for the food industry. Their purpose built factory in East Sussex supplies mushrooms to many of the world’s leading food brands.

This contract presented the biggest cleaning challenge we had faced to date due to the complex high value machinery, the stringent health and safety considerations and strict Food Standards Authority inspections that were involved.

The Problem With Staff Cleaning

Prior to contracting Calendar Cleaning, Orchidwood’s staff would personally clean the factory. This meant production would stop at 3 pm every day and a two-hour cleaning process would ensue. Not only was this wasting valuable production time, but the staff were not trained cleaners and couldn’t be expected meet the high standards that a professional commercial cleaning company can attain.

More Productive, More Clean, More Sense

Now that Calendar Cleaning are contracted to provide the cleaning services, Orchidwood staff can work until 5 pm every day, doing what they do best.

Our Calendar Cleaning team go in after production has ceased and clean for three hours Monday to Friday.

  • Twenty pieces of individual equipment are pre-sprayed with detergent, cleaned down, then applied with disinfectant via a foaming pressure lance to meet stringent health and safety controls
  • We blitz conveyor belts, climb thirty feet to clean a hydration tower and deep clean huge freezers, floors and walls.

Sparkling Business Benefits

“We immediately had a 20% increase in production time per week as a result of employing Calendar Cleaning. Their high standards of work and meticulous attention to detail mean that bacteria levels are low and stabilised, and we have achieved an A grade in our FSA inspections for the last 2 years. The cleaners also refill water tanks at the end of their shift so we are all ready for production to start in the morning. I highly recommend David and the team, they have never let us down.” – Peter Thompson, Operations Director

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